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A random selection of gift art, collaborations and commissions, in appreciation of those who drew them for/with me.


Commissions For Pointy People!
A.M. by JezMM
Stranger by JezMM
Flame-Chan [Commission] by JezMM
Your Friend by JezMM
Star Gazer by JezMM
Single character, full coloured art avaliable for the points stated below. I specalise in cartoony human female as seen above but am willing to try anything. NSFW art is okay for point commissions as long as it is postable here (within deviantART's standard).

Note that prices are higher when paying by points due to deviantART's stealing of 20%. I don't approve of it at all but would rather have the option of getting commissions from people who can't use PayPal than... not getting those commissions.

For more information and examples on commission options avaliable, what I will/won't draw, and my regular PayPal prices, please click here to read my Commission Journal.

Visited my mum and sis for a few days back the way I went to Uni.  Was pretty nice and long overdue lol.

Bath has finally started to lose it's lustre a little bit for us in terms of stuff to do even though for the first few years away we always wanted to revisit our local haunts again as much as possible etc.  So on Friday we went into Glastonbury for lunch and that was super nice.  They did a Quorn Cajun Chicken, I love cajun sauce but you hardly ever get a veggie version of it.  Glastonbury as a town as well more than exceeded my expectations about it being a super hippie-ish place.  The people WITHOUT long hair or beards looked out of place and there were magick shops and that sort of thing all over the place, I love it.  I'd like to go again and explore a bit more someday.

Next day we went into Bath to meet up with a few Uni friends, had breakfast with one, coffee and tea with another, and one of which did the proper grown-up adult thing and invited us over so he could cook for us.  He made us a super super nice curry under instruction from his girlfriend and generally an evening of laughs was had as is to be expected from spending time with him.

Inbetween all this we spent plenty of time with my mum and sis too.  It's the latter's birthday next week so I presented her with my old but refurbished 3DS as a present and she was super happy about that.  Speaking of 3DS I played a bunch of Majora's Mask while I was there and I really dig the hint system that the bomber's rumours provides.  I've nearly 100%'d the game without having to refer to a guide - something I didn't even do on the original.  I have needed the sheikah stone for a few heart pieces, just to find the remaining 8 or so.  Refusing to actually look at the photos though, I just checked the location name and figured out the rest from there lol.

But yeah that's pretty much been my weekend.  I think I have a throat infection too so need to go to the doctor... most of the time it's not been there but when it has its been driving me mad.  Like I have a tiny bit of popcorn stuck in my throat or something and just every now and then I SUDDENLY feel like I can't breathe and have to cough to rectify it.  It's particularly potent when lying down, been having to sleep with a stack of pillows to prop myself up slightly.  But yeah the cough generally has been here for over 2 weeks now so... time to go to the doc.  Prolly just need antibiotics or something but blegh what a pain.

Due to all this I didn't have time for any easter artwork this year, hope you all had a good one if you celebrate it in any way!

:iconjezmm: :iconlove: :iconsonicringplz: :iconlove: :iconmollysartcorner:

Stupid Throat
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D
Watching the rest of Game Grumps' April Fools ep

If there is at least one person in your life
whom you consider a close friend,
and whom you would not have met without the internet,
post this sentence in your journal.

I can be found on Steam, Wii U, and 3DS, and I also play Phantasy Star Online 2 JP - Ship 02.
Just ask if you want my contact details for any of the above!


Jeremy Shaw
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Comic artist and gamer. Shy but not antisocial. Knows of but doesn't apologise for his oddities. Slightly bitter about having to grow up. In love with and married to Mollfie.

To contact me outside of deviantART via e-mail, send a message to: - but with a dot between "jezmm" and "art"
Unsolicited e-mails containing attachments will be ignored

Current Residence: Broadstairs, Kent
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium-Large-ish?
Print preference: N/A
Favourite genre of music: Most things, often alternative rock, video-game and TV soundtracks, and other stuffs.
Favourite photographer: Most of the photographers I watch probably.
Favourite style of art: Pretty anime ladies, pretty photos, surreal stuff and funny stuff mostly.
Operating System: Mostly Windows Vista Home Edition, sometimes Windows 98.
MP3 player of choice: iTunes, iPod Shuffle 4th Generation
Shell of choice: If that's the proper name of skins for mp3 players, I just use the default one(s).
Wallpaper of choice: I change it very often, but most of the time I update my deviant desktop box with my latest choice. Usually though it'll be a wallpaper version of my current featured deviation or a recent piece of gift art I recieved because I'm vain.
Skin of choice: 7's default one - I'm boring.
Favourite cartoon character: Yoshi, Mario Bros, Daisy, Kirby, Sonic, Amy, Haruhi Suzumiya, King of all Cosmos, and several others.
Personal Quote: "I don't want doesn't not get."

Sorta super vaguely thinking about starting a Patreon. Would you be interested in becoming a patron if I did? (Read first comment for more info). 

6 deviants said No, either due to not being able to afford it, not being old enough to pay for things online, or not being a big enough fan of your art, I wouldn't support you via patreon.
2 deviants said Other? (Please Comment)
1 deviant said Yes, but only if I get extra content or first access to extra content.
1 deviant said Yes, but only if you DON'T offer permanent exclusives to patrons - but I'd be okay with timed exclusives where patrons get "first look" at extra content.
No deviants said Yes, I'd like to support you regardless of any bonuses on offer!
No deviants said Yes, but only if I get extra content or first access to extra content - but it'd be a "no" if said extra content consists purely of NSFW material.
No deviants said Yes, but only if you DON'T offer any exclusives to patrons - I don't think it's fair to make stuff exclusive, even timed exclusives, and it would turn off my interest if you did so.


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