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Random from Thankies

A random selection of gift art, collaborations and commissions, in appreciation of those who drew them for/with me.


Commissions For Pointy People!
A.M. by JezMM
Stranger by JezMM
Flame-Chan [Commission] by JezMM
Your Friend by JezMM
Star Gazer by JezMM
Single character, full coloured art avaliable for the points stated below. I specalise in cartoony human female as seen above but am willing to try anything. NSFW art is okay for point commissions as long as it is postable here (within deviantART's standard).

Note that prices are higher when paying by points due to deviantART's stealing of 20%. I don't approve of it at all but would rather have the option of getting commissions from people who can't use PayPal than... not getting those commissions.

For more information and examples on commission options avaliable, what I will/won't draw, and my regular PayPal prices, please click here to read my Commission Journal.

Just another update since minimum wage has gone up in the UK so I wanted to alter my prices to something fairer for me, and I needed some more up to date examples too.


1. Once you have read the “Disclaimery Stuff” section below, send me your request via a private message on deviantART or tumblr (or any site that I frequent, really) or send an e-mail to - but with a dot between "jezmm" and "art".  Character references and/or pose references (if there’s a certain pose from an existing picture you’d like me to draw that character in) are most useful too.  If you want a quicker back and forth as we discuss the details, you can always add me on Skype or Steam to chat (contact me via private message on a site first).
2. I’ll create a sketch to your specifications.
3. I’ll send you the sketch for your approval - at this point you can provide feedback or things you want changed or adjusted.
4. If changes are required I will fix up the sketch for you to review again.  I may be willing to redraw the sketch entirely from scratch one time if you are completely unhappy with the direction I've chosen.
4. Once you have approved the sketch, I’ll request payment via paypal.  Give me your e-mail address and this is as simple and secure as any other card payment online.  When paying, if given the choice, be sure to select that you are paying for Services - not physical goods.
5. I’ll finish the piece to your requested level of detail and post it on deviantART and/or Tumblr if I wish to.  Once it is posted I will provide you with a higher resolution, unwatermarked version.

If sending via e-mail, preferably please put “ART COMMISSION” as the subject and do not include attachments at any point during our interaction.  Do not use URL shortening sites when providing links to reference images.


Do you take unpaid requests?
No, sorry.  I have plenty of my own things to be drawing and not getting paid for!

Will you draw explicit sexual content?
Sure!  I post porn stuff on my NSFW Tumblr.  However, I will not draw any rape or otherwise negative/non-consensual sexual scenarios.

Will you draw multiple variations on one picture (for example, a character with the same pose but wearing two different outfits)?
Of course!  I’ll give you a price depending upon the complexity, but a variation will most certainly be cheaper than an entire picture’s price.  Depending on the complexity, these may not be available with soft shaded pictures.  Prices start from £2 for simple things like "one version wearing a hat, one version with no hat", and go up to a maximum of £10 for complicated variations.  I will of course let you know upfront how much I wish to charge depending on your request.

What sort of things do "simpler" or "more complex" commissions entail?
A simpler commission might be less colouring, or I won't spend as much time as I usually do refining the lineart, or I'll draw less of the character.  More complex might be a detailed background, or even animated elements.  Let me know what you have in mind with confidence if you're curious about prices, whether it's a simple or complex request, I would never be offended if you decide not to go through with your commission based on price, I know how money stuff is!

Will you draw [insert thing I have no examples of ever drawing before] art?
I’d like the opportunity to consider anything really, but naturally it is best to consider my existing art as a reference point as to whether I'm the right artist for your request.  But even if it’s something weird, just ask, I won’t judge!

You do draw guys right?
Sure!  But as you might guess I’m more comfortable drawing the ladies.  Consider whether another artist might suit your sausage cravings better.

Will you draw your characters doing (insert activity here)?
These will be considered on a case by case basis.  While I appreciate the interest in my original characters, there may be some personal no-go areas for me here.

What if you’re unable to draw my request?
If you feel I’m taking too long to finish the sketch preview, feel free to withdraw your request.  If you have paid and I haven’t finished it within a month, I’m happy to refund you.  If it has been less than a month and you wish to cancel, I will only offer partial refunds depending on how much work has been put into the commission so far.

These questions didn’t answer anything!
Please, don't be shy, ask me what you need to know!


All art I produce for you still officially belongs to me as a piece of artwork.  Your characters (or any requested characters that don’t belong to you) still officially belong to their rightful owner.

I reserve the right to post the produced art on deviantART and/or Tumblr.  If you wish to remain anonymous as the requester, just let me know.  If your piece has alternate versions you want to keep private, I may be willing to do so as long as you are happy for me to upload at least one version of the commission (yes I'll draw you a secret nudie version of a character if I can upload the clothed one to public audiences).

I am willing to give you a high resolution version of the file without watermark, however I will not give the file at the full resolution it was produced at, nor will I give the original layered file it was created from - this is to give me some proof as being the creator should you choose to go around saying you created it - which I'm sure you wouldn't, since that's totally not cool, but still!

You may use the watermarkless version in your own non-profit endeavours freely, though I do casually request you give me credit as the creator in some shape or form.  For example, if you used it as a forum avatar, this can be as simple as mentioning my name as the creator of the avatar artwork in your personal profile message or forum signature.  It’s not mandatory for you to do so, I’d just really appreciate it if you did.  If your endeavours are not non-profit, you may not use my artwork, commissioned or otherwise, without my permission first, so please contact me with your intentions.

After the sketch work is completed and you have given your approval for me to finish the commission, I won’t offer refunds unless I fail to complete the request within a month.  If you don’t like what I’ve done at the point where I show you the sketch, you can either cancel your commission or I’ll tweak it to your specifications.  If you approved the sketch but dislike the end result - well, I'm an honest person, if I believe I have failed to achieve your specifications to my usual standard, I'll do my best to figure something out with you, but understand that I am under no obligation to do so if I believe I HAVE met your stated specifications and my advertised standard of art quality.

I may ask you to confirm you have read, understood and agree to these conditions before I accept payment. I apologise for any sense of distrust or offence this may cause - this is simply an effort to try and protect myself a little from bad eggs who try to scam free commissions out of artists by fighting for refunds after the work has been completed.


Jeremy Shaw
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Comic artist and gamer. Shy but not antisocial. Knows of but doesn't apologise for his oddities. Slightly bitter about having to grow up. In love with and married to Mollfie.

To contact me outside of deviantART via e-mail, send a message to: - but with a dot between "jezmm" and "art"
Unsolicited e-mails containing attachments will be ignored

Current Residence: Broadstairs, Kent
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium-Large-ish?
Print preference: N/A
Favourite genre of music: Most things, often alternative rock, video-game and TV soundtracks, and other stuffs.
Favourite photographer: Most of the photographers I watch probably.
Favourite style of art: Pretty anime ladies, pretty photos, surreal stuff and funny stuff mostly.
Operating System: Mostly Windows Vista Home Edition, sometimes Windows 98.
MP3 player of choice: iTunes, iPod Shuffle 4th Generation
Shell of choice: If that's the proper name of skins for mp3 players, I just use the default one(s).
Wallpaper of choice: I change it very often, but most of the time I update my deviant desktop box with my latest choice. Usually though it'll be a wallpaper version of my current featured deviation or a recent piece of gift art I recieved because I'm vain.
Skin of choice: 7's default one - I'm boring.
Favourite cartoon character: Yoshi, Mario Bros, Daisy, Kirby, Sonic, Amy, Haruhi Suzumiya, King of all Cosmos, and several others.
Personal Quote: "I don't want doesn't not get."

Sorta super vaguely thinking about starting a Patreon. Would you be interested in becoming a patron if I did? (Read first comment for more info). 

6 deviants said No, either due to not being able to afford it, not being old enough to pay for things online, or not being a big enough fan of your art, I wouldn't support you via patreon.
3 deviants said Other? (Please Comment)
1 deviant said Yes, but only if I get extra content or first access to extra content.
1 deviant said Yes, but only if you DON'T offer permanent exclusives to patrons - but I'd be okay with timed exclusives where patrons get "first look" at extra content.
No deviants said Yes, I'd like to support you regardless of any bonuses on offer!
No deviants said Yes, but only if I get extra content or first access to extra content - but it'd be a "no" if said extra content consists purely of NSFW material.
No deviants said Yes, but only if you DON'T offer any exclusives to patrons - I don't think it's fair to make stuff exclusive, even timed exclusives, and it would turn off my interest if you did so.


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