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Okay damnit I have not made a journal since my wedding coz I am a total lazy bum and this new society of microblogging has ruined my drive to do journals.  So, seven months late, here is a journal detailing what Molly and I got up to on our honeymoon to Brussels!

So, we set out pretty early, like 5am-ish.  Went to London and then took the Eurostar over to Brussels.  The Eurostar trains are surprisingly industrial and unswish looking on the outside, but inside they have these genius headrests that let you sleep comfortably sitting up leaning to either side.

Took us a while to get our bearings in Brussels, was depressingly rainy when we arrived and we got a terrible first impression via wandering aimlessly down a rather less than stellar looking street, before giving up and taking the metro.  Our hotel was super nice, I think it was 3 or even 4 star, and had a sort of art theme where every single room had a unique design by a local artist.  Our room and the view:

We went scouring the immediate area for restaurants and such that didn't look completely terrifying to go into but to no avail.  Found a corner shop though so stocked up on snacks and unusual foreign crisp flavours.

We had Ketchup in the UK for a while but they haven't done it for years, so that was nostalgic.  Spaghetti was eh whatever but Pickles is delicious.  After that we took the Metro again and ventured to Grand Place where we had some delicious bread things and got the lay of the land a bit more restaurant-wise.  Still, the only ones that didn't intimidate us were swamped, so we gave up and got some salads from a supermarket for dinner just to not get stressed out lol.

Started next day with breakfast at a place called Exki, which seems to be a chain that I WISH was in the UK.  They're a coffee shop with fresh pastries and healthy salads and sandwiches and such, but they also do a sort of daily buffet at breakfast and lunch with continental breakfast for the former and things like hot pastries, quiche etc at lunch.  All organic and healthy and yum.  At the bottom of this journal I'll link to the "Brussels" tag of my food blog which has pictures of everything we ate for those interested.  We then went to this crazy magical biscuit shop.

Bought a few later on to take home, they were gorgeous.  Perused a few chocolate shops before going to the Comics Museum in Brussels, which had a lot of cool and interesting stuff.  Big focus on Tintin of course, but generally talked about comics of all sorts and the medium in general.  Obviously right up Molly's and my street, and one of the main reasons she wanted to go to Brussels in the first place due to being a childhood Tintin fan.

We discovered a great little Asian place for lunch called Wok Up which did customisable Noodle Bowls (choose a main ingredient plus your preferred sauce and not expensive at all).  Was delicious and we went there another two times over our visit (most places had pretty boring veggie options, vegetable lasagne everywhereee) so the fact that we could have Tofu or Vegetables with like six choices of sauce kept it fairly fresh.  I miss this place as much as Exki.

Went past the European Union on the way to another Museum, I dunno the name of it but it was a more general one about Animals for the most part.  Oh, and on the way we saw some men in top hats who had fallen down holes.

Anyway the museum was cool, not exactly delightful for vegetarians since it was all stuffed real animals etc but... hey it's super educational I guess.  They also had tons of real dinosaur skeletons.

And gasp, look who else we saw.  Blathers... I know you were desperate for more museum donations but... not like this.  Not like this!!

After that we headed back to the hotel, found a cool anime memorabilia shop but didn't buy anything.  Had dinner at yet another food chain we wish existed in the UK - Hop Dog.  They do Hot Dogs, including veggie ones of course, with a ton of customisations.  Totally delicious.  Oh, we also decided from this point on, we'd be having a Waffle every day, coz Belgium is kind famous for them.  With the exception of one day, all were bought from chain waffle places, and were all pretty delicious.

Breakfast at Exki again the next day, and then we went mural hunting.  All over Brussels are murals designed by comic book artists, and there's a sort of trail you can follow to see them all.  We followed an abridged guide that took you to about half of them, which takes about an hour or two walking.  There were some really nice ones.  Oh, and at one point we got chased by some balloons.

Like literally the wind made them follow us for ages, about 3-5 minutes, before finally succumbing to a large fountain in a plaza.

After that we decided to be lazy and have lunch at a place with a familiar menu - Pizza Hut.  Was nice but pfft, would trade it for Wok Up, Exki or Hop Dog any day.  Q_Q  Both this day and the day before we had gathered a fair few things:

The Rabbids comics are actually really funny, I recommend them.  I also read my first Tintin comic, The Shooting Star, chosen because out of all the cool little figurines at the Tintin gift shop at Grand Place, the one of him looking at a mushroom made me most curious and I wanted to find out what it was all about.  Was a good read!  I also bought an interesting comic called Orignal ("Moose") that I just about managed to read and understand in French.  Got pretty weird near the end so I do want to read a translation someday to 100% understand the situation.

Next day was my Birthday!  Molly got me Donkey Kong Country Returns so I spent the morning playing that in our Hotel Room.

We skipped breakfast and went straight for an early lunch at an Indian place called Ganesh in the food court at City2, a big shopping mall nearby.  We had a platter of a ton of mini things, all delicious.  After lunch we visited an oil rig that was attacked by a giant duck.

Wait no, we went to Mini Europe.

It was super cool, they even had some locations from Bath (where I went to Uni) that I was familiar with, as well as London of course.  After that we went to the Atomium, just the ways over from Mini Europe.

It had lots of sort of... general stuff inside.  Things about science and artistic light shows and such.  The best part though was of course the view from the top.  Crazy high.

After we went to a café that is apparently the most famous in Brussels for their waffles.  But we actually found it really disappointing.  They weren't exactly vigilant about getting the plates to us (I saw them sitting on the side for a whole minute) so they were less than lukewarm by the time they reached us.  Generally the takeaway place ones were way nicer.  Guess we are uncouth young'uns who can't appreciate a traditional waffle and only like the fast food garbage lol.  Went to Hop Dog again for dinner, and discovered a neat little video game shop.  Was tempted to buy me a French game as a souvenir but didn't see anything I needed.

Exki for Breakfast again, then we sought out our final location we really wanted to go to, the Comics Café which was in a part of the city we hadn't explored yet.  It was pretty cool and the food was very nice.  Next door was a big comic books shop.  I bought another Rabbids comic but everything else that interested us all looked too much to be reading in French, so we just took photos of covers to see if we could find localised versions later.

Spent the rest of the day revisiting chocolate/biscuit shops we particularly liked to buy presents for family, then had one final tearful meal at Wok Up.

Didn't have much to do before catching our train home so we strolled through the park near our hotel, had a late brunch at Exki one final time (and discovered much too late that the previously mentioned lunchtime buffet had ridiculous amounts of delicious things that I only got to eat once waaah).  After that we had hot chocolates while waiting for our Eurostar train home, discovered (also much too late) another totally delicious flavour of Lays called "Bicky Crisp" which was somehow Hamburger flavour.  It basically tasted like Ketchup and Pickles flavours combined but it was amazing.  Finished off with Yo Sushi at London before heading back home.

All in all it was a lot of fun, though my favourite memories will always be the food.  I was breaking in new shoes at the time so all the walking about we did got rather painful lol.  As I said, here's a link to my food blog posts regarding Brussels, which has photos of all the delicious food we ate there (along with pictures of chocolate shops and such).

I'll do my best to post again soon with a journal of how Summer of Sonic was last year!

:iconjezmm: :iconlove: :iconsonicringplz: :iconlove: :iconmollysartcorner:

Woo finally stopped being lazy.
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