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So gonna talk birthday stuff before I forget to and let another fun lil time disappear into the void without written archive of it (I still owe my friends and myself a journal detailing last Summer of Sonic).

So on the actual day no-one could cover for me so I had to work.  Afterwards, Molly, my Dad and myself went out to Nando’s just for a casual meal for the sake of doing something on the day (my Dad had been busy around his own birthday and father’s day too).

So the fun began.

Mollfie wanted the avacado salad with some halloumi on the side.  They were out of avacado but offered if she just wanted extra halloumi instead which was totally fine coz we love Nando’s halloumi just a little bit less than we do each other.

So they took our order and my Dad kindly paid for it… and THEN they realised they had run out of the Beanie vegetarian patties for my Dad and I’s wraps.  After a bit of debate we decided to just get the “Veggie” vegetarian patties which are a bit less colourful and vegetabley but still nice (they’re made from soya and some other stuff).  Turned out they were nicer than I remembered actually so that was fine too.  The waiter was super nice and said if we wanted dessert it’d be on the house for the hassle.

But then, as we were sat down waiting, the waiter came over again and was like “I’m gonna be grovelling by the end of this evening…” and told my Dad that the ratatouille he wanted with his wrap, they were also out of.  It was fine because my Dad had impulse chosen the ratatouille as we ordered, was originally gonna have salad and coleslaw, so he had that instead, and the food arrived right away since those didn’t need cooking.

So we were pretty full and I just wanted to share a caramel cheesecake with Molly, and my Dad had frozen yoghurt, but when the desserts turned up there was a huge wedge of carrot cake thrown in for good measure too lol.  Total surprise and it was super yummy, but had to laugh at the idea of the waiter presumably seeing our order for two desserts between three people and being like “NO they are not allowed to be modest!!”  Anyway despite all three of us getting something different from what we wanted, it sure made for a more memorable visit than usual for my birthday, lol.

Anyway, someone could cover me on Thursday, so we did my proper birthday stuff that day.  Went out to Bluewater shopping mall, about an hour away, since last visit I discovered they had a 36 hole Pirate themed adventure minigolf course and I had to test the entire thing.  We went for lunch at Wagamama first which was nice, (though there was a stupid woman behind us while we were waiting to be seated who was like “wow they’re slow today! (it was lunch time and we only had to wait 30 seconds to be seated) and was rudely asking to be sat upstairs to the waiter as he was arriving to seat US.

Anyway the mini golf was super fun.  A lot of the holes were fairly ordinary, but it was nicely paced with some more elaborate ones - for example there was one inside a big artificial cave with a rolling waterfall outside providing a source of light across the hole.  Then afterwards that rolling waterfall had one part that created a little stream going down through a tiny floor-level cave that was right next to the hole outside, so on that hole you could actually putt into the water flow and it carried the ball down and dropped it off by the hole.  Super cool, I want to go again now and then for sure.  My only criticism was the speakers played standard family friendly pop music.  Get some pirate movie soundtrack on there, or You Are A Pirate from Lazytown on 24/7 loop.  I was a huge nerd and took a playlist of all the piratey/tropical video game music I own to listen to with one earbud in while playing on random lol.

(Not my photo - also yeah you can go on the ship and it has a hole on it - I made the right choice playing the “Smuggler’s Course” first out of the two since it was the other one, the “Pirate’s Course” that ended at the ship here - a suitable finale).

After that, as I reblogged yesterday, we went to pinkberry, a new frozen yoghurt chain and it was so so yummy.  Will be going there every visit to bluewater from now on, no doubt.

Oh, and before leaving I bought myself a birthday cake from Marks and Spencers.

Top two layers were regular sponge with buttercream icing, but it had a firmer, brownie-esque base.  Yoommmm.

Art-wise, I'll give a little update for those out of the loop because they don't follow me on tumblr and stuff.  I'm still working on the next Phantasm Dyad episode though progress is very slow.  It's going to be a bonus episode with a new cast of characters set before Series 2 (though associated with Series 4 - unlike past bonus episodes I do not plan to retcon the episode order and fit this in its correct placement, it is an intentional flashback episode).  Progress has been slow due to a mixture of life stuff and a mixture of procrastination to finish the actual plan for the episode.  I've planned out approximately the first half of the episode, and have drawn the first quarter, but the closer I get to that halfway point the more I put off having to figure out how it's going to end.  I know how it is going to end in terms of what it means for the overall canon, as it is going to explain the origins/backstory of a particular character, but I haven't decided where I'm going to leave these new characters yet.  Wehhh.  In the meantime though I have done a ton more work on the next episode of Kay's comic for some reason.  While it won't be posted here in its entirety of course, I can SOMEWHAT safely say it is on the way.

:iconjezmm: :iconlove: :iconsonicringplz: :iconlove: :iconmollysartcorner:

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SamuraiEchidna Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2014
Wow. That kind of thing hardly ever happens at a restaurant, but when it does, it's easy to turn misfortune into good fortune. :XD: In all my years, I think something like that may have only happened to me once.

But over all, it seems like you had a fun experience. Glad everything went well. Makes me wish I could get out and do fun stuff like that. :)
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June 28, 2014